100 % innovative

Sferasol S.r.l. has revolutionized the idea of "renewable energy", by inventing a product at a time functional, innovative, high quality, good loking, and most of all easy to install as a washing machine.

100% Made in Italy

SferasolTM, unlike traditional systems, has a brand Italian style. Moreover, SferasolTM is environmental friendly, thanks to the quality and reliability of its materials.

all contained within a sphere

Easy to install, efficient, economical, and futuristic, SferasolTM, represents a new frontier in alternative heating. It is a fully integrated system needing only two hookup tubes (an inlet and outlet for water) and a 220v outlet making your new solar system as easy to install as a washing machine.


SferasolTM does away with the need to orient your solar array: part of the surface is always exposed perpendicularly to the sun's rays is such a way that the heat transmitted to SferasolTM is consistent at all hours of the daylight and during all seasons.
In addition to this, and in sharp contrast to flat panels, the sphere is designed to receive heat from all directions.