The company


The Company

The Company

Sferasol Energy S.r.l. was founded with a spherical solar collector as its focus. 

The founder was invited to participate in the 2006 Start-Cup, one of the most important national competitions for innovative ideas.
Soon after, Sferasol was accepted to the Incubator of Innovative Companies within the Polytechnic University of Turin (I3P).
At I3P the project was fine-tuned by the researchers of the Energy Department. 
Improvements were made in yield and performance and the product was industrialized, patented, certified and subsequently sent into production.

In 2012 when the incubator process was completed, Members, who strongly believed in the enormous potential of the company, joined the founder by investing substantial capital for its commercial launch worldwide. 
The evolution of the market runs parallel to the evolution of the product: Sferasol™. continues to collaborate with the Energy Department of the Polytechnic University of Turin by offering internships and theoretical and experimental theses on spherical solar collectors.

The people behind Sferasol™ believe strongly in the economic and ecological benefits of solar energy, which is free and clean. 
This belief motivates the partners to make Sferasol™ a point of reference in the efficient use of natural resources and in the creation and promotion of innovative products while remaining environmentally friendly.

the product

Summary of strenghts

First Steps

Founding of Sferasol Energy S.r.l.
Incubator of Innovative Enterprises (Polytechnic University of Turin)
Industrialized, Patented, Certified, and produced en mass.


New strengths
Worldwide launch

Partnership with Polytechnic University of Turin

"We strongly believe in the economic and ecological benefits of free and clean solar energy."
[Boaglio M. CEO]

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